Play to Earn

Simulated play”Jump” to earn game for token holders. Holders will be able to mint unique digital collectibles, elements and features needed to enter the game, where they can play to earn tokens from the reward pools.

Limitless utilities

Token holders, web3 users, and crypto aficionados can count on Anura's steady stream of useful use cases. Anura Pond, among other disruptive ideas, is used to introduce new tokens.

BUIDL with fun

The unique GameFi and meme-driven community of Anura P2E is responsible for its rapid expansion. In addition to expanding users' portfolios, users can have fun while earning currency and unlocking a plethora of web3 services through game play.


Anura-Pond GameFi Launchpad offers initial coin offerings, seed or private sales programs for BNBChain-based GameFi startups. Anura-Pond develops a collaboration with new GameFi entrepreneurs for product development, administration, and finance.

No gas wars! Just Insects and FROGCOIN

The deployment of FROGCOIN, an Anura community utility token, atop BNBChain enables cheaper, faster, compatible, and composable transactions. The entire supply of tokens is capped at one billion, and there are no transaction fees. FROGCOIN gives access to mint artifacts, elements, gameplay, and Anura ecosystem governance and development via token allocations.

Q1 2023

Genesis launch
More releases